Visiting Alice

Alice-and-us_croppedWhile visiting NYC for the July 4th holiday, my girlfriend Sara and I stopped by and had a lovely visit with Alice.

We got caught up, read some of her cards to her, and heard some new stories. My favorite thing she told us, “I got jobs because I had great legs, but also, I knew how to wink.”

At which point she gave us a huge wink. 😉


One thought on “Visiting Alice”

  1. Bless you, Miss Alice! I enjoy seeing video of you now, and of you in your many filmed dance performances–always so sweet, cheerful, bouncy, “up” & original.

    At age 3 (my sister 2) I had a year of tap and ballet classes, then an evening recital at the (then called) Mosque Theatre in Newark. While I can still do my routine as rehearsed, when the curtain rose and we first saw the audience, all of us chorus line tots froze at the sight … but for the 2 year old for whom “the show” went “on.”

    Likely her spirit was yours at that age … and always will be, in your films that now and forever to come, delight all.

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