If I’ve learned one thing from this whole crazy journey with Alice, it’s that every young person can use a reminder that the elder they see in front of them, was their age once. And that that elder is still that person inside. I’m confident that part of Alice’s legacy will be that she inspired so many young people (millions??) to have that revelation at a very deep level.

In the spirt of that insight, I dug around for a beautiful photo of my girlfriend’s grandmother (all my own grandparents are passed), framed it, and hung it above her bed at the nursing home.

gammy and photo
Our Gammy with her photo from when she was 16. “I was quite a dish!”

Above her bed, so the visual connection between the photo and the person in the bed is a strong as it can be. Because it’s there primarily for the benefit of everyone visiting her and caring for her. We can all use a reminder, as often as possible.

Though of course we often take it off the wall, look at it with her and tell stories as well!

I encourage you to do the same for any elders in your life, and tell others to do it for theirs. Find a photo of them when they were young, vibrant and delighted with life. Best if it’s a close up, and it’s just them. I truly believe this could make a difference in so many senior’s lives.

And if you’d like, please share your pictures to #WhatAliceTaughtMe to help spread the word and inspire others. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “#WhatAliceTaughtMe”

  1. I had the sheer joy of growing up with not just my grandparents (who are still alive and well) but also my great-grandparents who lived a short walk from my house.
    Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are of sitting with my great-grandparents and hearing the stories of their youth and tales of their parents and grandparents. These stories became especially dear to me when my great-grandmother Mariechen developed Alzheimer’s and not only forgot who I was but also forgot how to speak English (thankfully German isn’t too hard to learn).
    I’ve been especially fortunate in that my family have bestowed upon me the photos, stories and memorabilia of upwards of 7 generations of my family.
    #WhatAliceTaughtMe – we all have a story to tell and the most heartwarming and interesting of those will not be found in some tabloid fodder, and it is these same stories that really binds a family and community together. It’s funny how you may not think anything of the life you led in your 20s and 30s but I guarantee there are plenty of people willing to listen and will derive great pleasure from hearing of your antics or achievements. Even if you have to wait 70-80 years to tell it,

  2. Thank you so kindly for the love time you spent sharing this woman’s remarkable story of her passion.

  3. This taught my many things, thank you Alice! You should start a YouTube channel and tell your story! ❤

    Stay warm, Lily Diana ☺

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