Alice has Passed

Alice passed away peacefully last night — Wednesday, April 6th, 2016.

She was 103 years old.

She spent the last day of her life in good spirits, listening to music and enjoying having her fan mail read to her by Gail.

As she often did, Alice commented again how amazed and thankful she was that people remembered her and took the time to write, “I really feel that these people care about me.”

Her fans the world over truly gave joy and meaning to the last years of her life. She was always humbled and honored that she could be an inspiration to others.

When Gail left for the day, Alice gave her a send-off wink.

Gail and I would like to say thank you to all of you for giving her so much love and recognition. Our lives were changed forever by being a part of Alice’s story.

We’re in the process of collecting and cataloging all the cards and art that were sent to Alice. In future we’d also like to establish some manner of permanent memorial for her.




36 thoughts on “Alice has Passed”

  1. I do have to say that I always enjoyed watching the clip of you guys showing Alice the Soundies from 70 years prior. The expressions on her face are amazing. She lived a life doing exactly what she enjoyed.

  2. I just saw this story a few minutes ago and was compelled to find out more.

    I’m sorry to hear that she passed just last week, but so uplifted that you guys allowed this history—her history!—not to be forgotten. I could tell it brought so much joy to her life and to the life of everyone who has witnessed this story and had a chance to send a letter or a card. Thank you again for sharing Alice’s story.

  3. So sorry that I didn’t get to speak to her, glad that I told Gail of my memory of visiting her in the early 40s, with my Mom who was her friend. Gail told me that she did remember me and my sister, this made me pleased that she did remember, as I remember her beautiful caring smile, my she RIP.

  4. Thank you so much for the love and work you’ve shared with beautiful Miss Barker. She is now a dancing angel, never to be forgotten!

  5. I had watched the video of sweet Alice last year and it was in my memories today so I rewached it and shard it again. It brought me joy to see the light in her eyes as she watched the videos and boy she was a little dancer. I was so sorry to see, when I went to David’s page that Alice had passed and I am sure she will be missed but I bet she’s in Heaven DANCING once again and keeping them entertained. Rest In Peace Alice Baker.

    1. She’d laugh at that comment Deniece, or at least the very end of it. In the viral video where she sees herself dancing in the 30s and 40s, she says that people always called her ‘Baker’ in those days, missing out the middle R.
      Her name’s Alice Barker 🙂

  6. I am in tears to find out Ms Barker had passed. However, after an astounding 103 years of life, I am sure she is delighted to be up and dancing with her loved ones who have passed before her. Never forgotten, Ms Barker. Your legacy will live on.

  7. My heart is broken for someone I never had the pleasure of meeting. I’m so sad to hear of this update, although I’m sure Alice is in heaven dancing her heart out. I hope she knows how much happiness she brought to so many of us just by watching her videos. Alice just radiated pure joy. Rest in peace, Ms. Barker.

  8. I am saddened to hear of Ms. Barker’s passing. What a lovely woman she was! I actually came to this site to find her mailing address so I could write to her. Some things are just not to be.

    Thank you for the wonderful videos and this blog site. Alice’s story has been a blessing to me! RIP, “Chicken Little.”

    With respect and love,

    P. Kennedy

  9. sad she lived a life living what she really wanted to do I really love her face expressions on her beautiful face she so kind and gorgeous she was a beatific lady that no one will forget we all know where she is nowR.I.P Alice we’ll miss you .

  10. Guys, l just landed to this blog early this morning, read this awesome stories, commentaries and watched Alice videos & pictures.
    But unfortunately noted on Alice passing.Thank you for sharing the wonderful time with her & all the wonderful ppl making Alice happy, cheerful on her last days.
    RIP Alice.

  11. Ms. Alice Barker, thank you for touching our lives with your gift and passion of dance. Saddened to know she is not with us, but will remember her spirit! I wish I had met her! Thanks to those who were close to her and shared her with us. We were blessed by the experience. Hugz

  12. I’m so sorry to hear this…I guess I thought she would live forever…and I guess, in a way…she will.

  13. Dear family and friends of Ms. Barker – The wonderful video of yours came up on my news feed today – I watched again snd my heart filled with joy as I saw her face and listened to her narrative.
    I was saddened to see that she has gone on to her eternal life, but am sure she is a dancing angel!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you as I know the ache of loss never goes away – but pray you also have peace in knowing you brought her great joy as well!
    God Bless!

  14. I just saw the story of “The Great Sweet Alice Baker” dancing herself into History!! What an exciting life so well lived!!!! What a blessing to know about her, even at this point. May she Dance in Peace & Joy!!!!

    1. May God bless you Alice Barker! Just read of your passing. Made me very said but you were a beautiful lady with a beautiful soul. R I P
      Chicken Little ❣️

  15. I just saw this!! I watched that video like 10 times! I am so sorry and I am fully shocked on how she passed!! She lived a long powerful life! Dance your heart out Alice❤️

  16. I know I’m a year late, but I just came across the YouTube video of a woman I know call “The Fabulous Lady Alice, the Dutchess of Harlem Dance. As a child, I grew up watching old movies and television shows as there wasn’t much to watch in my area. But fell in love with the old Black & Whites, seeing African American men and women dance. When I saw the video of the Dutchess, I recalled seeing it on Channel 20 which played old films and clip. I recognized a clip, and realize “Oh My” its her.. 102 yrs. Her eyes and spirit lifted when she saw herself. Finally I understood why I fell in love with our old films, because in those days you had to really work hard and have talent second to none. Thank you for leading the way for all of us, I salute you The Fabuluos Lady Alice.

  17. I am so sorry to hear of Ms. Barker’s passing. I just had the pleasure of seeing her on Youtube. All I can say is WOW! This powerful lady is an awesome part of great history and I am so happy to have stumbled upon that video.

  18. I’m so glad to have viewed her videos and learned about her life. It put a smile on face and now tears in my eyes. Thank you Ms.Barker for the legacy you left.

  19. I like most that have posted, I too just stumbled on the video. It is now 2018 and I find I had the same feelings as everyone else when I first saw the Youtube video.

    Gail, I thank you for caring so much for Alice to reach out to others to help find her past work. It truly makes me think of some many others in nursing homes around their 90s and 100s today that have such beautiful stories that we may never hear. You blessed Alice and gave her a year-long send-off and in doing so gave those of us that came across the Youtube video and now this website, inspiration to live our lives with purpose and to the fullest.

  20. This has just got to be one of the most beautiful and uplifting stories that I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across online!
    Alice is a real star in every sense of the word, and I’m absolutely humbled to have learnt about such an amazing Lady and her wonderful life, well lived! RIP. Angel Alice. xoxo

  21. She was a beautiful lady a great dancer back in her days and that was nice of them to show her a footage of her hay dayz to bring back fond memories of her dancing dayz that was a big treat for her God bless her soul.

  22. Alice Barker was a joy to watch! I was moved to tears by her love for dancing and what a wonderful attitude towards life she had! I pray she is at peace in Heaven and still kicking up her heels! What a beautiful lady! I work in a place with many people in their 80’s-100’s. They often have such amazing stories to share. That generation saw more technological changes and experienced so many incredible things – both good and bad. If Ms. Barker touched your soul, please, go to an assisted living home or
    nursing care center and spend some time visiting with someone who lives there. Hear their stories, hold their hand. You will be amazed and they will love having your company (many of them never have any visitors). You will leave a better person than when you went in. Try it in Miss Alice’s memory – you will be glad you did!

  23. alice barker was a gentle loving lady who was blessed to live in that era with her wonderful talent dance in heaven chicken little

  24. just discovered Ms Alice tonight while on YouTube. i love dancing myself although i could never dream of being as amazing as her! i really wish i would’ve discovered her soon enough to write her a letter, but i’m sure i’ll be able to talk to her someday. Rest In Peace, sweet and beautiful angel!! thank you for your contributions to humanity and the world of dance ❤️

  25. I am so moved with compassion for her what a sweetheart indeed ! To be 103 and not have any memory loss is a Great Thing to surly be Blessed!! I Sincerely Pray That she has a place in Gods Kingdom where there is Joy Forever!!

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