A new soundie with Alice is found!

Alice appears at 0:18 (far right), and 1:11 (front and center, then moving to the right)

Thanks to writer Susan Delson for bringing this to our attention!

Notes by jazz historian Mark Cantor:

This soundie is titled ‘Sugar Hill Masquerade’, although it is actually the standard ‘After You’ve Gone’. It was recorded on December 18, 1941 by Gene Krupa and his orchestra, the familiar arrangement from the period featuring trumpet star Roy Eldridge.

The soundtrack was put on the shelf, and the “action” was not filmed until September 18, 1942 — not an altogether rare soundie practice. The small band you see on screen at the beginning, led by trumpet Walter Fuller, has nothing to do with the music we hear on screen.

The sideline performers include the following; note the way Alice’s name appears on the sideline contract:
Edna Mae Harris, Slim Thomas, Ray Harris, Carrie Frederick, Charlie Morrison, Frances Urline Jackson, Dorothy Moses, Thelma Hereford, Estella Marrino, Alyce Barker [chorus girl to far right], Florence Alexander.

4 thoughts on “A new soundie with Alice is found!”

  1. Wow, this is so neat! Thank you for continuing to update us with footage & information about Ms. Barker’s life & career. I was so moved by her story and the video of her, watching herself dance. So beautiful. I really hope that there will be enough information about her to compile into a book or a biography. Thank you for all the work you have done & still do!!

  2. I love the way the chorus dancers danced: very confident, light and almost casual. Dancing has evolved into stronger, skill-heavy and coordinated movements, but it just seems less fun sometimes compared to some of the dancing in these “soundies” .

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