More Well Wishes for Alice

Alice CardsHere’s Alice with Gail and all her cards (so far!) — many still yet to be read but they’re working their way though. And could only fit a small fraction of the flowers on the table!

One thought on “More Well Wishes for Alice”

  1. Hi Alice
    My name is Brittany King and I saw the video of seeing your dancing the first time. I was not only inspired by the pure joy from you seeing yourself dance and doing something you truly loved, but I have a great admiration for you. I’m 27 and I feel like I want to live more from seeing how full you lived your life dancing. You were absolutely gorgeous without ever having to try hard to be noticed. You are a true inspiration. Of all the actresses and dancers, I would like to have your photograph on my wall to remind me to live a full and happy confident life. You have longed deserved such recognition.

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